Kwame ‘Write’ Aidoo

Distant Electricity

Distant Electricity interrogates a struggling sense of ethereal belonging. A call to explore the convocation of hegemonized bodies recounting the taste of intimate light, to rediscover currents honed from the immaterial world. A sentimental approach to refuel the fundamental feelings, tap into the forgotten rituals of electronic emotions, in the circuit of polluted poetry of power-play pathways. That which reimagines the pursuit for continuity for communities with esoteric philosophies. A look at the layers that we host; the hanging hierarchies of monopolised politics, hand-me-downs from fashion to laws to curricula, shaky spout economies and belted religions that envelope faster than we could unravel our identities from 21st century Africa ruminates on a common connection to traditional practices which webs the dream dance of ancestral spirits, weaving the sacred touch into daily facets.

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Deborah Essés

Deborah Essés 

In this collection of paintings, inspired by her time living in Berlin, Esses has expanded the gaze of her popular figurative work to capture a series of group settings in a variety of celebratory modes. Turning her insightful eye on situations that normally require a degree of privacy or intimacy, she gives a public setting to these gatherings, be it an orgy or a family party, they are depicted with an unashamed openness to the proceedings. There is certainly nothing bashful about the nude or semi-nude figures in Esses’ work. Mixing a playful sense of irony and a keen eye for the grotesque she captures the reality of life as she senses it in contemporary Berlin.

Female figures are depicted with the same voluptuous shapes as seem in her previous work but with a much freer style in these recent paintings. With Esses caring much less for the technical side of things and concentrating on the expressive nature of her sprawling and vibrant figures. The paintings in this exhibition carry a sense of living life to the very fullest in a variety of ways – at the thick of it exploring limitless extremes or watching from the sidelines, a glass of wine in hand. All are equally valid from the Esses viewpoint and all captured playfully in her bold, accomplished and very unique style. Imbued in warm blocks of colour, the sunshine yellow of the beach setting or the sensual, reddish hue of the orgy. She manages to cleverly capture a certain sense of present day joie de vivre shown in a voyeuristic fashion that has become very much a part of modern living.

The artist Deborah Esses was born in Buenos Aires. She studied Fine Art at the Instituto Beato Angélico, Argentina. Was awarded a postgraduate degree from Tel Aviv University in Art History in the Middle East. Then undertook further study in Mixed Media at the Ernesto de la Cárcova Fine Arts Academy under the lead of artist and professor Alfredo Portillos. She lived many years in London where she studied at Sotheby’s Institute of Arts.

She has exhibited extensively in London, New York and Singapore among other countries and currently lives in Berlin.   Kirstie Specke

Deborah Esses, inspiriert von dem Lebenstil in Berlin, zeigt in dieser Ausstellung, Gruppen von Menschen in unterschiedlichen privaten Situationen.

Diese privaten Situationen finden in der Öffentlichkeit statt. Es gibt keine Intimität mehr.

Esses, die in Argentinien geboren wurde, zog, nachdem sie in London gelebt und gearbeitet hatte, 2016 nach Berlin. Hier hat inzwischen ein Atelier.

Sie hatten Ausstellungen in London, New York und Singapore, wie auch in weiteren Europäischen Ländern und Süd Amerika.



Boaz Balachsan

During Berlin’s 2017 Art week we presented Boaz Balachsan (aka BZB), the multidisciplinary Israeli artist.



10-17 September // PASAŽ //
Inspired by Street art, Folk art, Typography, Ethnography and Berlin’s contemporary subculture, The Passage is a place of transition, a place in between homes, memories and experiences.

A place in between the old and the new, referring to the experience of intercultural fusion and immigration as a constant state of the human experience.

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Joe Hayes

 Hype by Joe Hayes

Article on Hype by Joe in Lola magazine.

Artist and Bronx-native, Joe Hayes, aka “Joe By Joe”, makes his international debut.

The journey from the Bronx to Berlin has been a process as Joe partnered with PremArts to participate in a summer residency – turning the gallery into an open working artist studio. He landed in Berlin on June 6th with nothing but his paint brushes, passion and ideas.

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