Stephan Andreas

Exhibition and Drawing Workshops

Painter and sculptor Stephan Andreas was born in the fringes of East Berlin at a time when the first plaster crumbled down the Berlin Wall. His work explores greed, crisis and downfall as well as human convention. It has been exhibited at Spring Studio New York; Alchemical Theatre Laboratory and Funkhaus Berlin amongst others. He completed his undergraduate studies in social work at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin. He is a recipient of the Fulbright scholarship, which has enabled his arts studies at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, where he majored in arts and public policy.

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Bernard Bolter

The Gates of Perception / Die Tore der Wahrnehmung

As a conclusion to his DIY residency in Berlin, Bernard Bolter presented his new series of mixed media paintings of the historical Gates of Berlin.

Hallesches Tor 1894

A contemporary American artist, Bernard is working primarily between the mediums of paint and photography. He is a Cityscape artist; from growing up skating in the streets to traveling international streets, cities have been his inspiration and material.

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Projekt-Fotoklasse VHS Neukölln

Woods – an incomprehensible passion

Wald – eine unverständliche Leidenschaft
Projekt-Fotoklasse VHS Neukölln
Öffnungszeiten Mo-Fr 16-19  I  Sa und So 14-19 Uhr
Finissage: Sonntag 17 Uhr

Project Photography Class Neukölln have been cultivating the special relationship to the woods, which Germans are said to have. Artists Annekatrin Buhl, Angelika Dierkes, Andrea Höhne, Christine Kurka, Ulrike Ludwig, Andreas Machate, Konstanze Müller-Kitti, Judith Pfannenmüller, Anna Rittweger and Susanne Schmidt illuminate mutiple aspects of this relationship in this compelling photographic series.  Chaotic and unstructured; fairytale-like and mysterious; romantic and nostalgic – the continual mystery of the woods is unveiled.

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