Art, The Transcendent Function and Jungian Psychology by Matthew Kopp

22 November – Wed/Mi 18:00

Carl Gustav Jung introduced the idea of individuation as a psychological and artistic process. This process is a movement away from our persona or mask we wear for society – toward the underlying vitality of our greater selves. The idea is based on the fact that we often project unwanted or undeveloped aspects of ourselves onto other people, places and things.

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Matthew Kopp & Jimmy Wilnewic

Strange Familiars

4 – 30 Nov   Matthew Kopp & Jimmy Wilnewic

The work of Jimmy Wilnewic and Matthew Kopp draw from the traditions of surrealism, expressionism and outsider art.

Jimmy Wilnewic’s work employs expressionistic line and color sprinkled with glittery camp. Surrealistic landscapes are often inhabited by unusual creatures and humorous oddities.

Matthew Kopp creates totemistic portraits revealing splintered introjects, alter personalities, bizarre deities, and pensive expressive abstractions

The painting, prints and drawings of both artists explore uncanny symbolic images that are psychological in tone and content.
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Saturday 28 October 18:00 ~ DAT Walk by Noiseberg featuring Duchamp Music

Dat Walk is an experimental art festival taking place as a journey through Kreuzberg, with a goal to bridge local hidden gems through a variety of performances and installations. Once a piece is over the audience wanders as a group to the next location – a local store, venue or a secret patch of public space.   *   DAT Walk ist ein experimentelles Kunstfestival, das als eine Reise durch Kreuzberg mit dem Ziel , versteckte Kleinode durch eine Vielzahl von Performances und Installationen zu entdecken.

Sobald ein Stück vorbei ist, wandert das Publikum als Gruppe zum nächsten Ort – einem lokalen Laden, einem Veranstaltungsort oder einem geheimen Stück öffentlichen Raums.

Musical line up.

// Absurd Ditties //

FRUIT// A Collage Group Exhibition
Hosted by Niels Kalk :   Seven Berlin-based collage artists .

21 October 2017 – 27 October 2017 21 October 2017 at 20:00 to 27 October 2017 at 20:00

Open: Tuesday – Friday from 14:00 – 20:00
Oppelner Strasse 34 ∙ Berlin / Kreuzberg.

Participating artists :
Jorge Chamorro – www.jorgechamorro.es

Isabel Reitemeyer – www.isabel-reitemeyer.com
Lydia Mojzis – www.klebenlebeneben.tumblr.com
Niels Kalk – www.nielskalk.com
Bene Rohlmann – www.benerohlmann.de
Lara Minerva – www.laraminerva.com
D.M. Nagu – www.d-m-nagu.de

Niels Kalk // Absurd Ditties // 

The world is an absurd and extraordinarily silly place, with everyone taking themselves very seriously.  From this point of view, Berlin-based collage artist Niels Kalk will take you to a world of his own, where logic mixes with illogic and where quirky looking characters find themselves in often meaningless and absurd situations.

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