Mark Bautista

Installation & Performance

[40 minute performance]

Opening/live performance : 16.09 @ 20:00Uhr 

Midweek workshop : 19.09 11:00-15:00Uhr

Artist talk: 19.09 @20:00Uhr
Live performances : 21-22.09 @ 20:00Uhr

Portals is a gateway between what is unknown and what we think we know. I invite you into a space that aims to transcend time and our constructed reality. An immersive experience that plays challenges your senses of perception.

I offer you a world that glows despite the darkness, where walls become transparent, and connection is possible.

[immersive sculptural-light installation and performance]

Workshop : from 11-15:00

This one day workshop is for artists or anyone that would like to explore the body in a performative way. We utilise Butoh related research methodology, to delve deep into what moves us. Physical and emotional exploration. In the space, we anchor one another and discover hidden worlds in our bones. Once these worlds are rediscovered, we find solutions on how to manifest them into the our physical plane. Opening a portal from our inner lanscape.

Open to all levels Maximum 8 participants 4 hour workshop Location: TBA
[50 euro fee]

Artist Bio:

MARK BAUTISTA || Interdisciplinary Artist. Sound maker. Theatre practitioner. || Alaskan raised. Berlin Transplant. His aim is to create works that transcend boundaries and constructs, to awaken our universal memories, and deepen our connection with our humanity.

He devises, writes, and performs solo and ensemble performance works— which explore our inner lives, past lives, future-selves, wishes, hopes, dreams, and fears. Transformation, rebirth, surprise, and illusion are common devices in his work.

Mark’s work can be described as theatrical and movement-based, fused with visual-media, poetry, sculpture, and sound. Music, opera, circus arts, physical theatre, clown, mime, viewpoints, Suzuki training, and butoh dance have shaped his approach to creating a performance.

for more information: www.findingpresence.com

He studied Music Performance, Theatre, and Movement, at University of Alaska Anchorage in the United States. Mark also maintains a teaching studio, teaching voice, performance/movement technique, and music.