Kollage party

Friday 07/09 : 16Uhr – 23Uhr

In this social and artistic event you will have the opportunity to get involved and inspired in communal collages following your personal, artistic, political or social direction.


Everyone choses images and glues them to the wall, no advanced skill are necessary 😉
Materials such as newspapers, pictures, magazines, scissors and glue will be provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

👽\\\\ live music 🎶 beers 🍺good vibes 👾 collage ✂ //// 👽

Kollage Kollectiv is an art collective and platform foc
used on bringing creative people together to express social and political messages throughout art. Spreading positive images and ideas around Berlin to clash with the commercial advertising polluting our cities and promoting values we don’t believe in .
The collective was born after the need to express ourselves in a city and society that don’t fulfill our creative and social aspirations . The collective organises social and artistic events to give people the opportunity to get involved and inspired in communal projects.
Instagram : @Kollagekollectiv