SHOXXX’s PETIT Wonderland

Illustration, Zeichnung, Grafikdesign, 

Painting, Näharbeit, Installation …

Design a Whole Room With SHOXXX’s Works!!

Ausstellung: 17.09 – 21.09.2008  –  Mi.-So. 16Uhr – …

Shou, 1978, born in Japan, living in Berlin since 2005.

In Japan, I studied design (graphic design, product design, architecture, etc…) in university (national Kyoto institute of technology), since 2001 I have worked as graphic designer in advertising agencies and design offices In Berlin, I’m working as freelance graphic designer and illustrator,and also active in my own projects (drawings, illustrations, hand-made products, etc.).

My style : crazy designed drawings and illustrations, comical original characters (ex: sexy rabbit, running mashrooms, red hooded pig, heart bird, etc…)lively color combinations, witty and a bit mysterious visual ideas,completely DIY and hand-made products, etc… they come from my imagination,and they compose the very original SHOXXX-World.This time, I designed a whole room with my works.

It will be SHOXXX’s PETIT Wonderland!!





19Uhr – Live – Techno-Pop

Sanpo Matsumoto (Japan/Berlin)

20Uhr– Live

Kurotech Group(Japan/Berlin)


19Uhr– Live – Electronic, Jungle

Raving Mad Carlos (Argentina/Berlin)

20Uhr– DJ – Drum’n Bass, Jungle

Cosmoscab (Berlin)