Clare Carter

Eröffnung: Fr 28.9.2007, 19.00 Uhr

Ausstellung: 29.9. – 12.10.2007, Mi – Sa, 14.00 -19.00 Uhr

For the last two years, I have been traveling and making paintings in different locations outside my home country of England. I have been an artist-in-residence in Greenland, Iceland and Cyprus, and have had studios and exhibited in these countries. This time has been very inspiring and challenging for me, and I believe my work is influenced greatly by the experience of travel. I have become very interested in how our environment can consume and digest us, and as a tourist (or voyeur)

I take the gestures from people as performances and the landscapes as stages. For me, the act of painting serves as a transformation process of the subject, from which I can retrieve narratives.

For this exhibition, I have brought together a collection of small paintings that I feel are fragments of the different locations I have visited, and serve as short stories that explore what interests me about culture- such as identity, hunting, the environment, ornaments & preservation.