Storyboard Abossey Okai


Prem Arts, Berlin (8-12 June, 2018)


Dates: 8-12 June, 2018

Open Studio: 12 PM – 8 PM each day

Performance: 11 June (6:30 – 7:30 PM)



Storyboard Abossey Okai (Prem Arts, Berlin)

Map of the Gold Coast Railway. Showing Feeder Road and the Principal Agriculture and Mineral Areas. March 1922. Colonial Office photographic collection at The National Archives, UK as part of the Africa Through a Lens project.


Unearths the role that memory, community, evolution and continuity play in African storytelling and the construction of identity and consciousness reflected through a timeline of events. In contemporary discourse, a probe to dissect the methods of designing narrations by organising or disorganising spatial relationships. A contribution for rethinking urban mythology, navigating time travel and escapism while engaging the socio-political realities of global warming associated with an electronic waste site and salvaged auto parts market. A storyboard of thought-provoking visual poetry on diverse themes including migration, labour and global economy. A social commentary approach merging abstraction with street photography, collage, sound and poetic documentary.



(Ghana, 1986)

Kwame Aidoo is a Ghana-based writer, educator and artist whose text, visual, sound, installation and performance pieces are inspired by African oral folklore, cadence and symbolism to interrogate sociopolitical contexts. He is the founder of Inkfluent, Nkabom Literary Arts Festival and Afrovims; a journal on creative processes and projects from Africa and the diaspora. He makes social commentary music with Dearly Deported(GH), Lucked In(FR/US), Blood Drum Spirit(US), Break Ya Bones(FR) and Kwasaba(DK). He graduated from KNUST-Kumasi in biochemistry and biotechnology and has shown work at Chale Wote – Accra, Nasjonalmuseet – Oslo, Prem Arts – Berlin, FLUPP – Rio, among others.