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Workshop Tabea and Paul Vela

    Workshop Tabea and Paul Vela are in Premarts in December.



Paúl Vela is an Ecuadorian artist who has lived in Berlin for many years. The German capital is experiencing a rather serious and chronic process of gentrification. This phenomenon is the starting point of the artist’s work. His captures want to convey a sense of disjuncture between the social plane and the object presented, turning the buildings into figures that seem to revel in their abstract forms: impersonal, intimidating, absolute. The architecture of the city is modeled after the interests of financial capital investments, deliberately ignoring the immediate context.

We can see this type of building anywhere in the world: Tokyo, London, Guayaquil, Seoul, Shanghai, places where it is increasingly difficult to ensure that the cultural context does not play a secondary role and where authenticity is taken into account. The historical sense is lost. In this sample, these visual references of decontextualization produce a visual effect that is more profound than what could be seen with the naked eye and despite being part of a documentary level. The series does not have this strict objective in itself, but rather putsmore emphasis on the search for an extreme stylization. The objective is to achieve a total estrangement to the referent and generate a different perspective. A different stimulus. Both the execution of the photographs and the

First Thursday December 2020

For December 2020, First Thursday Kreuzberg set up a window display in Premarts.  Due to the current pandemic restrictions, the art walk is on hold. But a window display of some of the artists that will be apart of the first show when things are better were shown in the window over the weekend.