Tabea Krah + Viola da Gamba

To be seen in Premarts gallery from 10.-26.02.2021 is the violin maker and musician Tabea Krah with her work on a viola da gamba.

Tabea Krah lives and works in Kreuzberg, Oppelner Straße 34 for almost 10 years now and is concentrating in repairing, restoring and building instruments. The last one she finished to create was a Swedish Nyckelharpa (Moraharpa).

To get her mind free and having more space for her creativity, Tabea loves to work in the rooms of Premarts that are flexible in their usings and empty in the beginning when slowly slowly the art could develop. Here she is not only working on the sound but also playing the instruments.


The next concert is in preparation. When Corona regulations will allow it, she will perform soon with her colleague Christian Müller at the trumpet, playing cello and guitar herself.
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