Oscar Ray – This is my way to be free

 “I’m an artist graduate at the Pablo Picasso Art School of Coruña. I have worked, traveled and exhibited for the last 10 years around Spain, Italy, UK and Germany trying to find myself and developing a technique based on the juxtaposition of images and ideas that applied to my painting, sculpture, street art and photography work. There is no gap between my life and my art, I talk about what I feel, about what I hate and what I love. See my work is like read a diary in pictures full of politics,primitivism,love,colors, and music. Art has always been a way of life, also an outlet for me. Any physical or digital mean is a new weapon to work with, and my style is like a sponge absorbing changes. If there’s something that hasn’t changed in this time is my love for the Expressionism, the synthesis and the use of mix techniques. Since 2011 I live and work in Berlin.”