Not Another Art Show 

Not Another Art Show is a two-day extravaganza brought to you by weRstories, featuring the captivating works of Berlin-based photographer, Alfredo Ramos Fernández (Havana, 1964).

weRstories is an Art & Literature Laboratory and an independent publishing house based in Berlin. Its mission is double: on one side, we publish and promote high-quality literature written in Spanish, Italian and English. The idea is to give voice to some of the numerous and vibrant non-native communities that have settled in Germany and have taken a significant presence in the country. Whether it’s a children’s book, a novel, or an essay, weRstories publishes words that move our hearts and open our minds.

On the flip side, weRstories collaborates with artists and creatives to harness the potency of fiction within exhibition spaces, illustrating how a narrative text can enrich and empower visual artworks in a profound and meaningful manner. Imagine brief fictional tales inspired by visual artworks, snippets of interviews that offer insight into the artist’s creative essence, and texts that seamlessly blur the boundary between reality and fiction. In an era where art exhibitions frequently become submerged in sterile, overly conceptual jargon or generic press releases, this project boldly endeavors to reignite the enchantment of the written word within the realm of contemporary art.