Erick Costa Kohl

Beginners Course| 10 Participants |3 Stitches

Workshop: Sunday, 19.08.2018, 2:00 – 6:00 pm

Embroidery artist Erick Costa Kohl invites to his Embroidery workshop for Beginners at PremArts. Participants will be shown and have the chance to practice 3 different stitches for contouring and filling techniques.Through embroidery, creative mind Erick Costa Kohl found another way to to express his creativity and is now sharing his skills in workshops.
Learn and practice embroidery in a small group of 10 people in a pleasant atmosphere.
All materials (embroidery hoop, thread, sketches, pens, needles and fabric) will be provided for the 4-hour workshop.

Workshop fee: 30 €

Number of participants: 10

If you are interested to participate in this workshop, a payment fee of 10 € needs to be paid until 15.08.2018

Contact: berlinstickerei@gmail.com

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The History of Beatbox Battle exhibition includes a remarkable multimedia show in the gallery PremArts, where the previous four Beatbox Battle World Championships will be illuminated in detail with the help of touch screen monitors and graphic video and photo installations. Beatbox Battle TV will show up exclusive images and graphic installations from the past years 2002-2017. We invited some of the worlds best human beatboxer on the loop station for a funky fresh music showcase.

Oppening times :

02/08/18 : 13uhr – 17uhr
03/08/18 : 13uhr – 17uhr

– Balance (UK Loop Station Champion 2017)

### SCHEDULE ###
19:00-20:00pm – Opening Ceremony
20:00-20:30pm – Beatbox & Didgeridoo Showcase
20:30-21:00pm – Loop Station Showcase
21:00-22:00pm – Open Mic Cypher

The event is powered by Vodka23 & RedBull.