The Fujin Installation, developed by the Playtronica artist collective, is an interactive sound installation featuring a set of propellers connected to an impulse generator. Visitors are invited to experience Maurice Ravel’s Bolero without sound, utilizing skin sensors. Real-time conversion of the sound source into air movements is the basis of the installation. Inspired by the Japanese wind god Fujin, the installation seeks to investigate the interplay between sound, movement, and the environment. It has been tested within the deaf-blind communities and has inspired a novel approach to experiencing music.

Playtronica Berlin Station is a Berlin-based artist collective that creates interactive installations, performances, and workshops that explore the relationship between sound, technology, and the human body. Their work aims to create immersive experiences that engage the senses and encourage participants to explore their own creativity.

n their artist statement, Playtronica Berlin Station emphasizes the importance of play and experimentation in their creative process. They believe that by creating interactive experiences that encourage people to play and explore, they can help to break down barriers between art and technology and create new forms of expression that are accessible to everyone. They also emphasize the importance of collaboration and community in their work, and often work with other artists, musicians, and technologists to create their installations and performances.

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