Gustavo Ten Hoever
Paris- NY- MontevideoMonats der Fotografie-OFF

Vernissage: Do 18.10.2018, 19:00h

Weitere Veranstaltungen:

Matinee So 28.10. 12:00 – 18:00h

Ausstellungsdauer: 19.10.-28.10. 2018

Öffnungszeiten: Mi- Sa 13:00 -19:00 h

Featuring 13 chromogenic prints including one diptych , True South offers a glimpse into the artist’s extensive travels. True south, defined as the direction towards the southern end of the axis about which the earth rotates, is more poetically described by the artist as “the direction towards the other side…and the eternity of an instant” as well as a “state of mind.” The photographic images in this exhibition evoke Ten Hoever ‘s innate ability to discover and capture on film a hidden secret or story within a place he dwells. This gift comes from his patience and openness to experience on a deeper level the people and atmosphere of the places he encounters. For Ten Hoever, travel is not defined by the destination but rather the journey that he allows to unfold. Whether in Taos, Cartagena, Pueblo Garzon, the Cyclades or Cape de Creus, the artist approaches the land and its inhabitants with a striking sensitivity rare in today’s world.

Wall Street Journal: Khaki Story
Day 3: Kingsman, AZ to the Grand Canyon (AZ) to Chinle, AZ
Various landscape and portraits

Gustavo Ten Hoever was born in Uruguay, attended photography school in Montevideo, Uruguay before moving to New York in 1986. He currently resides in Paris. After an early and formative expedition to the Brazilian Amazon, he began shooting his first photo exhibit, Full Moon People, chronicling the indigenous people of this region.Ten Hoever has travelled continuously and exhibited internationally with shows in New York, Connecticut, London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich and Gstaad. His editorial work can be seen in publications around the world.

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