It Takes Two to Tango

Schaufester – Performance
Donnerstag, 07.Mai 2020
20:00 – 20:30 h
Thursday May 7th, 8pm – 8:30 pm


Tabea Krah und Veli Cagilligecit werden in PremArts eine Tango -Vorstellung geben, die man an diesem Donnerstag durch das grosse Schaufenster von draußen schauen kann.

Da die Regeln : 1,5m Abstand halten immer noch gelten, und drinnen nur 2 Personen die qm Fläche zeitgleich bespielen können – machen die beiden das Beste aus diesem „First thursday im Wrangelkiez“

Die Performance findet hinter der Fensterinstallation der renoviert Geigen, die Tabea Krah baut statt. Wir werden 1,5 m große Flächen für Besucher vor der Galerie kennzeichnen, damit das Zuschauen sicher und genussvoll ist.

Während sich unsere Welt sehr langsam wieder normalisiert, plant PremArts weiterhin monatlich regelmäßige Veranstaltungen für den Ersten Donnerstag im Wrangelkiez.

Wir sind noch nicht so weit, dass wir im Projektraum mit einem größeren Publikum Ausstellungen durchführen können, deshalb wollten wir für diesen Donnerstag einen Probelauf für die Nachbarschaft und Freunde von PremArts veranstalten.

Ausschnitte werden wir im Anschluss auf Facebook und Youtube zeigen.

Vielen Dank und bleibt gesund.

It Takes Two to Tango”

Tabea Krah and Veli Cagilligecit will be giving a Tango performance inside the gallery for people to view outside through the window this upcoming Thursday.

As the rules for social distancing that are still in place, only allow 2 people to be in the gallery at one time, these two are going to be making the most of it in this performance, It Takes Two to Tango’.

The performance will take place behind the window installation of hand made violins refurbished by Tabea and we will have 1.5m squares taped off outside the gallery for people to watch and enjoy safely. As our world slowly gets back to normal, PermArts plans to host regular events for First Thursday Wrangelkiez every month. 

We are not quite there yet, in terms of being able to host art events in the gallery with a larger crowds, so for this Thursday we wanted to do a little show (in a safe and social distanced way) for the neighborhood and friends of PremArts.

Thanks and stay safe.

Bernard Bolter, then and now

Exhibition on hold during Corona Virus shutdown.

First Thursday Wrangelkiez presents:

“History is Half the Truth”, mixed media, 2020

Two Paintings, photo transfer and acrylic paint

1. 50cm x 50cm, photo: Reichstag 1894

2. 50cm x 50cm, photos: Reichstag 2019, Brandenburg Gate 1899

First Thursday, March 5th

Join us this First Thursday, March 5th for another Rap Critics.

Come by and see rappers freestyle about various artwork on the walls.

From 7PM to 10PM –  feel free to kick a flow if you feel like it.

Jaco Loredo, Brazilian Singer/Song Writer

PremArts Concert Thursday Jaco Loredo Live in Berlin 27.02. 19:00 bis 21:00

He is a traveller, going with the winds and the waves…

I was about to glue the top of the cello I`m building, when I realized Jaco watching me from outside. It was cold and I invited him to come in. It took us only about an hour to understand, that this gallery room is perfect for him to perform his beautiful poetic songs.

Singing to us in his language, the brasilian portugese, for me feels like listening to a lullaby. Jaco Loredo is inventing new worlds, places, landscapes, … and in the rivers of his melodies he brings us far from the sometimes cold and grey city.
Let`s dream together with him!

Entrance: donation
Bar: basic drinks, affordable

About the place:
Premarts is a tiny Gallery in Kreuzberg with changing artists. I’m a violinmaker and musician and want to share the auditive qualities of this room and give you a glimpse of my work. I’m building a violoncello in there and rented it for january and february 2020 to enjoy the space and atmosphere.


Jouke Schwarz – “Abstract Nature”

Exhibition on hold during Corona Virus shutdown.

“Abstract Nature” is a collection of paintings by artist Jouke Schwarz (Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam). Inspired by natural landscapes and the cosmos he captures simultaneous events in one image in order to convey movement and depth. The end result is a very powerful, energetic and colorful canvas with a balanced composition.

Barely There

Exhibition on hold during Corona Virus shutdown.


Jill Colchester

Bare bodies, briefly drawn with a dynamic and gestural line.

How much information does one need to read the marks on a surface as a figure or a face?
Jill has been drawing the nude for some time and her work explores the dynamics of line, paring down and reducing the marks made. Finding the essence and substance of the pose, keeping only what is necessary, retaining the vitality of youth.

The drawings are loose, pared back, thought provoking and expressive, full of vitality.

The title, in English, Barely There, plays with the word bare, being nude; the brevity of the pose, barely being held for any length of time, and the relatively, (at least to the artist), short time one has the bloom of youth. The drawings are celebrating the female form.
Stripping back the line, Jill’s drawings are minimal and essential, reducing the line to leave the viewer to find the pose.

Barely There also refers to the briefness of a pop-up show, there and then not there – gone.

Vernissage, with music:  17th April,  19.00

Oud music: 20.00 – 21.00

Finissage: 18 April,  12.00 – 16.00

Address: PremArts, Oppelner St 34, Berlin 10997



Eduardo Sancamillo

Vernissage mit Musik: Dienstag, 04. Februar 19:00

Dj set: Wayair Nelson 19:00-23:45

Austellung: Mi-Fr 17-23hr
Sa 19-23h Finissage
Address: Projektraum Premarts, Oppelner str.34,  10997 Berlin.
@eduardo_sancamillo_art on Instagram


Eduardo Sancamillo is an Italian Honduran painter, born in 1988., based in Berlin. He graduated traditional oil painting at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. His artwork is a colorful dance between abstract and figurative worlds. His shapes and strokes are born in a series of ritual-like expressions, created with a vast knowledge of art and form combined with raw internal gesture. Influenced by his Honduran roots and the local aboriginal art also brought from african culture, his color palette is always expanding and finding new harmonies. The viewer is left with an intense celebration of visual senses, asked to dive in and discover his/her unique reflection.