Current Exhibition

Lecture – Art, The Transcendent Function and Jungian Psychology
with Matthew Kopp

22 November – Wed/Mi 18:00

Carl Gustav Jung introduced the idea of individuation as a psychological and artistic process. This process is a movement away from our persona or mask we wear for society – toward the underlying vitality of our greater selves. The idea is based on the fact that we often project unwanted or undeveloped aspects of ourselves onto other people, places and things.

Matthew Kopp will talk about his own artistic process in relationship to Jung’s essay, the Transcendent Function, which outlines how art can be used as an integrative method of approaching the psyche.

Matthew Kopp received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from Columbia College in interdisciplinary art. Kopp has worked as a playwright, dramaturge, actor, and mentor for Tellin’ Tales Theater in Chicago and participated in 20 Tellin Tales productions. His non-community based work utilizes performance art, installation video art, conceptual art, drawing, printmaking, and curation.

The lecture is a project by ODBK – The Organization for the Democratization of the Visual Arts, an art activist organization whose aim is to establish a new economic model for the contemporary art market based on a participative and democratic basis.


Strange Familiars

4 – 30 Nov
14:00 – 18:00 Wed-Sat

The work of Jimmy Wilnewic and Matthew Kopp draw from the traditions of surrealism, expressionism and outsider art.

Jimmy Wilnewic’s work employs expressionistic line and color sprinkled with glittery camp. Surrealistic landscapes are often inhabited by unusual creatures and humorous oddities.

Matthew Kopp creates totemistic portraits revealing splintered introjects, alter personalities, bizarre deities, and pensive expressive abstractions

The painting, prints and drawings of both artists explore uncanny symbolic images that are psychological in tone and content.


Die Kunst von Jimmy Wilnewic und Matthew Kopp ist inspiriert vom Surrealismus, Expressionismus und der Außenseiterkunst.

Jimmy Wilnewic’s Malerei bestreut expressionistische Linien und Farben mit glitzerndem Camp. Oft werden surrealistische Landschaften von ungewöhnlichen Kreaturen bewohnt und humorvollen Kuriositäten ergänzt.

Matthew Kopp zeichnet totemistische Porträts und introjekte, tiefenpychologische Persönlichkeitsmerkmale, bizarre Gottheiten und nachdenkliche ausdrucksvolle Abstraktionen.

Die Malerei, Drucke und Zeichnungen beider Künstler erforschen frappierende, symbolische Bilder, die in Ton und Inhalt seelentief aufzeichnen.