First Thursday, March 5th

Join us this First Thursday, March 5th for another Rap Critics.

Come by and see rappers freestyle about various artwork on the walls.

From 7PM to 10PM –  feel free to kick a flow if you feel like it.

Matthew Kopp

Artist in Residence 2018

Studio Party
Fr 07.12.,18:00 – 22:00 h


Interdisciplinary Artist, Matthew Kopp, will launch his month long Installation project, Cross Contamination, at Premarts Gallery. The work, Cross Contamination, is an exploration of personal and world histories through collage.

Later in the month Kopp will be joined by Belgium Artist Wannes Cooles to complete the installation and create a performance work, Erzählkollage, based on the installation.

Matthew Kopp & Wannes Cools

Matthew Kopp & Wannes Cools

Artist in Residence 2018


Erzählkollage Theater Werkstatt
Fr 14.12. ,18:00 -22:00 h
Gemeinsames Gestalten aus Bild und Text 
Participants create collage stories
through visual art, writing, & performance group work.


Fr 21.12. , 18:00 – 22:00 
Matthew KoppChicago,USA
Wannes CoolesAntwerpen,Belgien
Installation, Vernissage 


Erzählkollage Performance
Fr 28.12., ab 18:00 h 
Performance: 20:00h
Matthew Kopp „A virgin reads the mind of Parzival in a plastic wasteland“ 2018 Collage on Canvas Board 13×18 cm

Matthew Kopp creates totemistic portraits revealing splintered introjects, alter personalities, bizarre deities, and pensive expressive abstractions.Wannes Cools is a Belgian based artist born 1991.

His practice jumps through different sorts of mediums, ranging from drawing to installations. The main focus of his practice lays in narrative storytelling. Often seemingly meaningless his work takes shape and form mostly because of the quantitiy which he
conseders to be a help- full quality. His works are mostly derived from everyday or past pop culture images. He himselfdescribes his work as being very straightforward and at times superficial although there is alwaysmeaning that relays to his personal concerns. By jumping in between mediums and translating the same into different outputs Cools seaks out the value of an image. For this event Cools will be working aside of artist Chicago based artist Matthew Kopp.
Together the two will bring forth a crosspolution of both visual work and short performances.

Oppelner Strasse –Summer in the City, 10997 BERLIN

Oppelner Strasse and its neighbourhood has its histories that wears on it in layers, vibrating to the contemporary tempo of the city in it and around it. Kreuzberg is based on settling, dynamism and remodelling. The city is ever changing and unique. In 2017, a collaboration between PremArts gallery and artists including Joe Hayes and Kwame Aidoo who found a new home in Berlin through the creative spark of its indegenes, started a conversation which has now become the seed project called Görlitzer Park Arts Festival. We look forward to an interactive, exploratory, educative and impactful festival where we can learn and have fun at the same time and breathe love into the city and inhale the beauty of humanity, interconnectedness and community.


On the topic of sustainability in global cities like Berlin, while addressing the prospects of change agents, we look at ourselves as artists, community members, children of the metrof the urban dynamics, makers, users of space, consumers, curators, bikers, merchants, food lovers, plastic waste collectors, etc. We focus on our direct and indirect responsibilities and how our body languages affect the things around us which in turn affect our anatomies. As such, the project will shine light on key sustainability issues, inclusion, and introduce us to change agents from a variety of disciplines.


Kwame Aidoo – Inkfluent (Berlin, Paris, Accra)
Kenneth Balfelt – Kenneth Balfelt Team (Copenhagen)
Joe Hayes – Joe by Joe (New York)
Minnie Griffith, Photographer and PR (Berlin, West UK, Marseilles)
Elle Peril , Femina non Grata


PremArts Gallery, Oppelner Str 34, 10997 Berlin
Public Space: Oppelner Strasse 34- 15 (between PremArts and Streetfountain
Fountains – Strassenbrunnen Oppelner Str.,



Body language embodies the embedded reflections and silent choreographies of political agency In today’s reality of mass migration, voluntary and forced, where bodies resettle away from war and poverty to create diasporic public spheres where new identifications take place and new identities have to be negotiated. The governing maps of migration show that for refuge seekers, there are still key arbiters that define

who belong to the political community (e.g. citizens) and who remain outside (e.g. undocumented migrants). The affinities or rejections from nation states and local forces apropos to migrant bodies enforces codes of conduct that the settler has to adapt to, to survive. Bodies navigate a new language by losing the language their bodies already knew, new gestures and rhythms are engulfed on their anatomies which are also nonetheless ‘political sites’ Furthermore, migrant’s bodies are also sites of collective memory on which collective history, including colonialism, is written.

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Christmas Art Market
14 – 23 December 11:00 – 19:00

Auction Xmas Party – Fri/Fr 22 Dec 20:00

Cozy comfort mingles with friendly art prices at this storefront gallery project space transformed into a Kunst Cafe for ten days – with an auction hosted by Simon Williams of the Ballery – three days before Christmas.

Colorful paintings, contemporary photographs, hand-crafted booklets, dynamic sketches and innovative jewelry.

Open through to the Saturday before Christmas, the 23rd, Winter Warmer invites you to select unique beautiful and special gift items available for the last minute shopper. The Xmas party Auction on Friday the 22nd promises to be a lively event with dynamic host Simon featuring art favorites. 

Warme freundliche winterliche Gemütlichkeit vermischt sich in unserem Projektraum, der Ladengalerie PremArts mit erschwinglichen Kunstgeschenken. Für zehn Tage verwandeln wir uns in eine künstlerische Winterwärmerstube.

Farbenfrohe Gemälde, zeitgenössische Fotografien, handgefertigte Booklets, dynamische Skizzen und innovative Objekte.

Wir haben täglich geöffnet von Donnerstag, dem 14. Dezember, bis zum Samstag dem 23. vor Heiligabend. Winterwarmer läd ein, einzigartige schöne und spezielle Geschenkartikel auszuwählen, die wir auch gerne liebevoll verpacken.

Die Xmas Party Auktion mit Simon Williams von der Ballery am Freitag, den 22. Dezember, verspricht ein ganz besonderer Höhepunkt zu werden.

Projekt-Fotoklasse VHS Neukölln

Woods – an incomprehensible passion

Wald – eine unverständliche Leidenschaft
Projekt-Fotoklasse VHS Neukölln
Öffnungszeiten Mo-Fr 16-19  I  Sa und So 14-19 Uhr
Finissage: Sonntag 17 Uhr

Project Photography Class Neukölln have been cultivating the special relationship to the woods, which Germans are said to have. Artists Annekatrin Buhl, Angelika Dierkes, Andrea Höhne, Christine Kurka, Ulrike Ludwig, Andreas Machate, Konstanze Müller-Kitti, Judith Pfannenmüller, Anna Rittweger and Susanne Schmidt illuminate mutiple aspects of this relationship in this compelling photographic series.  Chaotic and unstructured; fairytale-like and mysterious; romantic and nostalgic – the continual mystery of the woods is unveiled.

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Kerl Fieser / Hermann Jan Ooster:

Tagebuchnotizen und Reisebilder aus Georgien 2008 – 2011

Eröffnung: Fr 4.5.2012 – 19 Uhr mit Georgischen Gedichten / Leksedi Kartuli von Hermann Jan Ooster

Ausstellung: 5.5. – 13.5.2012 / Mi – So 16 – 19 Uhr