Boaz Balachsan

During Berlin’s 2017 Art week we presented Boaz Balachsan (aka BZB), the multidisciplinary Israeli artist.



10-17 September // PASAŽ //
Inspired by Street art, Folk art, Typography, Ethnography and Berlin’s contemporary subculture, The Passage is a place of transition, a place in between homes, memories and experiences.

A place in between the old and the new, referring to the experience of intercultural fusion and immigration as a constant state of the human experience.

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Joe Hayes

 Hype by Joe Hayes

Article on Hype by Joe in Lola magazine.

Artist and Bronx-native, Joe Hayes, aka “Joe By Joe”, makes his international debut.

The journey from the Bronx to Berlin has been a process as Joe partnered with PremArts to participate in a summer residency – turning the gallery into an open working artist studio. He landed in Berlin on June 6th with nothing but his paint brushes, passion and ideas.

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Stephan Andreas

Exhibition and Drawing Workshops

Painter and sculptor Stephan Andreas was born in the fringes of East Berlin at a time when the first plaster crumbled down the Berlin Wall. His work explores greed, crisis and downfall as well as human convention. It has been exhibited at Spring Studio New York; Alchemical Theatre Laboratory and Funkhaus Berlin amongst others. He completed his undergraduate studies in social work at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin. He is a recipient of the Fulbright scholarship, which has enabled his arts studies at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, where he majored in arts and public policy.

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Bernard Bolter

The Gates of Perception / Die Tore der Wahrnehmung

As a conclusion to his DIY residency in Berlin, Bernard Bolter presented his new series of mixed media paintings of the historical Gates of Berlin.

Hallesches Tor 1894

A contemporary American artist, Bernard is working primarily between the mediums of paint and photography. He is a Cityscape artist; from growing up skating in the streets to traveling international streets, cities have been his inspiration and material.

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Stranger Portraits – Pop Up Photo Project

Marga Meydenberg

Every human being is unique and therefore a piece of art.

This Dutch photographer living in Berlin makes portraits of strangers in temporary photo studios under the name Pop-Up Photo Studio by Meydenberg – one month in different areas in Berlin.

The goal is to make improvised portraits from people who walk by and visit. These spontaneous photo sessions often result in alienated and beautiful portraits of total strangers.


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Federico Hewson

Jan-March 2016 – Artist as Curator – Administration Residency

PremArts as laboratory for cultural producer ‘art office’: Organizing exhibitions for vintage photography in Europe (Abramson Arts Foundation European premiere at Frankfurt Foto Forum); booklets with exhibition about how horticulture and human rights (Action of Flowers series); cultivation of relationships with US photographers and Berlin galleries; grantwriting as producer of IMAGINE festival with Earthdance and Dance Films Association; research and administration for curation of PremArts 2017 calendar (weekly and monthly artist presentations, exhibitions and workshops).

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